Fruity taste of fresh apple and grape, warm and supple, this Armagnac can be used in cocktails or in cooking.

Kicking off strongly with aromas of orange flower, dried apricot, candied citrus and soft spices of anis and cinnamon. We would also feel delicate touches of cocoa, caramel and hazelnut.  

This rich and powerful Armagnac is full bodied with a touch of Espelette pepper in the mouth. Finally, a bitter taste cools it off. An Armagnac combining power and greed.

Unlike any of the other Delord Armagnacs with their distinctive handwritten labels, the XO Premium comes in a totally new style bottle with a metallic label.

Perfumed and round with aromas of vanilla combined with lovely notes of wood, this Armagnac has enough character to be enjoyed with or without ice.

Vibrant aromas of baked raisins, coconut custard, cocoa powder, exotic peppercorns, buttery nuts with a final touch of leather. A remarkably fruity, flavorful and approachable Armagnac with a superb combination of power and poise.

Elegant on the nose with peppery notes and spices, it is in the mouth that the 25 year old will unveil all of its complexity: cocoa, spices (pepper), mellow tannins, vanilla, rancio (nuts) … A great Bas-Armagnac eau-de-vie.

Eau-de-vie of the year without entering barrels, so without coloring, fruity, velvety and aromatic, which makes it a good base for cocktails.