Vegetable quiche
Spinach quiche
Leek quiche
Lorraine quiche
Goat cheese and prunes quiche
Goat cheese dried tomatoes quiche
Goat cheese and thyme quiche
Salmon and spinach quiche
Asparagus quiche
Salmon and cep quiche
Spinach feuilleté
Cep feuilleté
Thyme and cheese feuilleté
Cep tart
Salmon tart
Asparagus tart
Sea bass brandade
Peking shrimps brochette
Tomato tatin, pesto sauce
Vegetables millefeuille with goat cheese
Summer rolls
Chicken rolls
Salmon and rice cake
Goat cheese ravioli with pesto sauce
Spinach ravioli with white sauce
Cep ravioli with cep sauce
Greek style artichokes
Green salad
Green salad with smoked salmon
Du Puy green lentils salad
Oriental salad
Endives, apples, walnut and roquefort salad
Salad mix, edamame, beetroots and artichokes
Kale, lentils, beetroots and pomegranate salad

Fresh asparagus salad
Rocket, bresaola, mushrooms and parmesan cheese salad
Spinach sprouts, bacon, croutons and sesame salad
Pasta, chicken, pineapple and mushrooms salad
Chicken and noodles salad
Foie gras and smoked duck breast salad
Eggplant, feta, olives and cherry tomatoes salad
Couscous and shrimps salad
Fresh tuna and sesame salad
Quinoa and vegetables salad
Quinoa and shrimps salad
Spinach sprouts, pecan nuts, pears, cranberry and roquefort salad
Fresh crab, lamb ‘ s lettuce and potato salad
Truffle and pomegranate salad
Pasta with cep
Black and white truffles linguini
Fresh salmon tartare
Smoked salmon tartare
Cold cuts platter
Smoked salmon platter
Foie gras platter
Cheese platter


Sea bass with cep
Fish Biryani, orange rice
Seafood couscous
Rice with shrimps
Curry shrimps
Green curry shrimps
Asiatic style shrimps
Thai style shrimps, mango sauce
Shrimps Biryani
Seafood pasta

Oven cooked salmon
Lobster, Sandy lobster
Oven cooked fish


Cooked ham with fruits
Alsatian style sauerkraut
Couscous à la royale
Lamb shin
Lamb leg, vegetables, rice, frikeh or fruits
Lamb leg, almond & pineapple, marinated in honey
Stuffed lamb oriental style
Meat tajine, basmati rice or vegetables
Baby lamb leg
Beef filet Brazilian
Beef filet Australian
Baby veal filets with mustard sauce
Baby veal filets with cep sauce
Pork leg with sauerkraut
Beef stroganov
Beef cheek
Rabbit with mustard sauce
Veal filet
Roasted veal
Veal osso bucco
Chich barak
Kebbe arnabieh
Kebbe labnieh


Venison leg
Deer leg
Boar leg


Cassoulet with duck confit

Roasted duck with orange, tagliatelles
Peking duck
Pan fried duck breast
Coq au vin
Chicken tajine, basmati rice
Chicken with mustard sauce, basmati rice
Chicken with frikeh
Chicken with rice
Curry chicken
Green curry chicken
Chicken Biryani
Chinese chicken, noodles
Chicken mont blanc
Chicken stroganov
Chicken Alfredo, tagliatelles
Spinach stuffed chicken breast, coconut sauce
Wine cooked quails, rosemary potatoes
Capon with vegetables


Sweet sauerkraut
Caramelized fennels
Caramelized fruits
Caramelized onions
Gratin dauphinois
Vegetables gratin
Mashed carrots
Mashed potatoes
Mashed celery
Mashed chestnuts
Braised endives
Pan fried vegetables
Pan fried mixed mushrooms