The Pale & Dry XO, a blend produced exclusively from Grande Champagne, the first cognac growth, and aged for many long years, comes draped in extremely bright, light amber robes, clear and shot through with flashes of gold, that subsequently reveal its remarkably delicate elegance and distinction. Its bouquet is characterized by the powerfulness and length of the intensely floral aromas, backed by the distinctive vanilla of its rancio. Its mellow roundness on the palate blossoms into a full-bodied fruitiness, with a slight, harmonious hint of liquorices.

This Grande Champagne, older than the Pale & Dry XO, has been crafted in a different, more classic style, with a more pronounced amber color, with bright flashes of pure gold. The initial oaky bouquet gives way to aromas of mushrooms, dry vine shoots and vanilla. On the palate, the extraordinary full-bodied roundness is matched by the remarkable length. This is a very full, very mature, notably refined cognac.

This blend of extremely old Grande Champagne cognacs has benefited from maximum barrel ageing. It expresses all the nobility of the truly great eaux-de-vie when they reach the peak of their development. The bouquet of this extremely old cognac is a subtle combination of finesse and elegance, lightness and intensity, excitement and tenderness. It is perfectly balanced and still crisp and fresh despite its age. On the palate, it reveals the same round mellowness, with an extraordinarily long finish, tinged with liquorices, containing the remarkable complexity and all the subtlety of truly great cognacs.

The original feature of this Grande Champagne is that it is not a blend, but an eau-de-vie from a single barrel and from a single estate. This cognac has benefited from maximum barrel ageing, where by its alcoholic strength has dropped naturally. The magnificent deep, old amber color is typical of these extremely old cognacs. The bouquet is powerful and long, offering a harmony of fragrances, with floral touches, a rarity for such an old cognac. The mellow roundness on the palate reveals the maturity of the rich fruit. The Family Reserve Cognac comes in a traditional bottle in an elegant wooden box.

Older than Pale & Dry XO and Vesper, the Extra de Grande Champagne shows deep maturity and a full-bodied bouquet. It is the perfect expression of an old Cognac from Grande Champagne.

A selection of Pale & Dry XO, Vesper and Très Vénérable.